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Cremeworkz have more to offer than you think

From website creations, to custom fit development, to consulting on latest technology, to business analysis for process automation
Some offerings :

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Process Automation and Task automation

  • Workflow services

  • Web Portals . . . . . . . . . . . . and more

Awesome Design & Great Functionalities

Functionality and Features are important and key to make a transformation successful but we provide you with more than just what you need, we provide you a solution that is easy and fluid by also focusing on customer user experience. A well thought out UI/UX makes a huge difference in change management and makes technology adoption so much more painless.

  • Pleasing Aesthetics

    Any system, portal, implementation is a representation of your company brand and image. So we strive to focus on this aspect of the implementation

  • Clear Graphical Representations

    Data is Data until it becomes visual. One glance availability of information is what technology should be bringing to us.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Everyone is accessing content and performing interactions with their mobile devices and technology allows us to engage with consumers through their devices

Pleasing Aesthetics

Clear Graphical Representations

Mobile Friendly

Use Technology to provide you with Busines Insights

Technology can re-define how you do business through automation, analysis and tracking of your key business drivers. From tracking consumer behaviours to tracking productivity within, to analysing external parties trends.
Information is key in growing your business and Technology is the main platform for information

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